Monday, April 17, 2006

Survived another trial

We were supposed to have another trial this afternoon. We had a hearing, but not too much happened. Commissioner Joseph presided. He seemed to be in a good mood. Neither of us had a lawyer.

The trial was supposed to clean up the remaining financial issues. My ex-wife is demanding huge attorney fees, but she rescheduled that motion for May 18. I don't know why.

Most of her other arguments hinged on breaking our Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) that we signed in Nov. 2003. She rambled that it should be broken because she didn't know what she was signing, because of some formality involving my asset disclosure not being on the right form, because she was in a hurry to divorce me, because she was under duress from thinking about the safety of the children, because she wouldn't have signed if she had realized how much she could screw me in court, etc. Some of arguments didn't make any sense. If I were really endangering the kids as she claimed, then it is hard to see how she could have thought that she was making them safer by moving out and signing an MSA that leaves me with the kids half the time.

She admitted that she got legal advice before signing, but complained that she only got $100 of advice.

At one point, the judge asked her where she got her law degree, and then asked whether it was in a community property state. She said that it was not. I guess he was trying to determine whether she knew what she was doing. I pointed out that she did take a class in law school on community property. The judge was surprised, and said to me, "How would you know that?" I explained that I talked to her about her classes.

The judge refused to void the MSA. He did allow my ex-wife to re-open discovery in order to pursue some claims that I deceived her or hid assets. So I guess that I'll have to give her all my financial papers again, and let her go on another fishing expedition.

I disclosed everything to my ex-wife, so I think that this will all be a big waste of time. The next big issue is attorney fees. If my ex-wife can get enough attorney fees to get an attorney back on the case, then this case could drag on for another year.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say after reading that is if the wacky ex's law career doesn't pan out, she can always get a gig rewriting history.

I think she's good at that. Heh.