Thursday, April 13, 2006

I deny any fault in this case

I filed a response to my ex-wife's court papers, and I included this:
I deny any fault in this case

AngryMom continues to accuse me of an assortment of sins, including neglecting the kids, violating court orders, impeding discovery, etc. None of these allegations have any merit. This Court has not found me to be at fault about anything.

I never put our children in any danger, and there is no court finding that I did. No one even expressed the opinion that AngryMom was any better parent than I was. While there are hundreds of pages of allegations against me, there is not one single example of any incident where any judge or court expert said what I did wrong or expressed the opinion that it was even possible for me to be a better parent than I have been. (There were a couple of negative opinions about co-parenting, but neither said that I was individually responsible for any problems.)

The Court did order a temporary change in time-share in Nov. 2004, but that was not based on any evidence, testimony, or expert recommendation for immediate intervention because there was none at that time. Judge Kelsay justified it by giving us a lecture on how he believes that time-share does not matter. He also said that he had presided over many custody trials and he thought that they all went badly. His order was ultimately reversed after a custody trial.

AngryMom tries to buttress her case by claiming that I violated court orders and other required procedures. These claims are based on events that occurred while she was represented by Miss Gray and Miss Gray was billing for $57,598.79 in legal work. I am sure that Miss Gray would have known what to do about it if AngryMom's claims had any merit. They do not.
My ex-wife wants to penalize me for my supposed bad behavior, but she has never shown that I have done anything wrong.

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