Monday, March 06, 2006

Reader comments

A reader asks whether a parent can be blamed for taking a child fishing and hunting.

Child have watched their parents hunting, fishing, and slaughtering farm animals for 1000s of years. There is no known harm. You could run into a judge or custody evaluator who happens to be an animal rights activist. Those folks are unpredictable.

Another reader says that I should be scared to comment on an allegedly psychologically damaging frog boiling incident.

No, accusations do not scare me. My ex-wife has already made many wackier and more potentially damaging allegations. They have all turned out to be false, irrelevant, or easily explainable.

My kids were with me all last week. My ex-wife called regularly to check up on them. They missed a couple of days of school from being sick. One teacher said that a third of the school was absent one day. The kids still completed their schoolwork.

Somehow my ex-wife reported some garbled stories that caused an anonymous poster to say that I am crazy and that our kids will need therapy. My ex-wife spent a lot of time, effort, and money to try to convince the court that I had some psychological problems. After hearing all her claims, three court experts said that there was nothing wrong with me. If anything, the problems were with her, not me.

Perhaps she is planning another legal attack, I don't know. If so, I will vigorously defend myself. The kids do not need therapy. They are doing well. I am much more sane than my ex-wife. I will prove it again, if I have to.


Anonymous said...

But why won't you tell why you boiled a frog in front of your children while they begged and cried for you to stop? You do the same thing in court, George, dance around the truth, avoid answering direct questions, waste everyone's time hemming and hawing and point the finger at other people. Just tell your readers what you did to the frog and why, and how your children responded. Just the facts, without your op ed thrown in.

Anonymous said...

i honestly dont see why this frog issue keeps coming up. obviously its the only thing george has ever done wrong...or people wouldn't poke it at him so much. my opinion is, if it DID happen, every1 makes mistakes, im a child to a father myself, an i believe everyone doesn't get it right the first time, there is no manual on how to raise a child. what is fair is not to attack george for this incident continously, but to let it go an let him tell his story of the courts. as that is why many of us read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Frog legs. yum.

Anyway I just wanted to point out that I witnessed my mother cut the head off a duck and then serve it to us for a holiday meal.

I can assure you I am not mentally impaired by the duck incident. It was food. Get over it. I boil lobsters. They are bottom feeders. Much like frogs.

And George's ex-wife. Heh. I like that one.........

George said...

This first anonymous commenter claims to know what happened in my home and how I have testified in court.

If you know so much, did I tell the truth in court? What question did I ever fail to answer in court? Did I ever false blame anyone for anything? For what?

And just what exactly are you claiming about this frog story? That a child should never see a frog die? That I killed their pet frog? That something about a frog caused psychological harm? Just why was I boiling the frog, according to your sources?

Anonymous said...

I find it telling that you refuse to answer a simple question and continue to deflect the attention to your ex-wife and now me. I think your readers might find the story interesting. Personally, I found the children's version horrifying. Interesting that your 'readers' think it's fine to make young children scream and cry while you kill a defenseless creature for simple entertainment (and not food, as some of you are making analogies to). And, since I know George IRL, I am aware of other things he has done that have been less than tasteful. Perhaps some of the 'anonymous' people are actually you, George, coming around to argue in your defense? Seems likely considering all else you're capable of. Since you won't answer my original question, I have nothing more to say to you. I give up, you're impossible. I don't blame your ex wife for giving up on you, either.

Anonymous said...

Who else knows what went on in court? The ex-wife, the lawyer, the new boyfriend..... one of these people most likely is "anonymous". Let dead frogs lie. (and then dissect them in biology class, age 12) Yeah, and if you know the story and want it out so badly, as long as you are "anonomous" why don't YOU just tell it the way you HEARD about it. Or are you afraid to be sued for false malicious lible. (And how do you know about the frog tale, did the girls tell you about it personally, or did you get a story from the ex-wife?) Do tell, anonomous, or are you also afraid to come clean?!!!

George said...

The anonymous poster doesn't answer my questions, and yet continues to make accusations. This time, Anonymous claims to know of other things I have done that "have been less than tasteful".

We had a custody trial. If you really wanted to help my ex-wife bad-mouth me, you could have testified.

Are you claiming that you are a better parent than I am? Do you know even one single example of me doing harm to my kids? What makes you think that you know any more about parenting than anyone else?

George said...

The anonymous poster appears to be a friend of my ex-wife. If it is who I think it is, then I could tell several stories that are much worse than anything of which I have been accused.

I am not here to attack my ex-wife or her friends. I am here to defend myself against what the court does, and to inform others about how the family court works.

(Masculiste, it looks like your last message was somehow posted twice, so I deleted one of them.)