Saturday, March 25, 2006


Patrick writes:
I enjoy your webpage.

I am also a Father that feels the Unfamily Court is an outrage that every person should fight for change!

Keep up the good work and watch your breakfast manners.
I'll try to be on my good behavior. Eddie writes:
My ex is currently seeking supervised visitation for me. This nonsense has to end. Remove all government interaction from family affairs.
Yes, people need to stand up to what a truly evil institution the family court is. Supervised visitation should be reserved for convicted criminals. If Eddie's ex believes that he has committed crimes that somehow make him a threat to his kid, then maybe she can tell the grand jury and try to get him prosecuted. If he is such an imminent threat to his own kid, then why is he even walking the streets where he might attack my kid? Give him a jury trial and all the protections that other criminal defendants have.

But the family court is unlikely to make any factual determination on whether Eddie is a good father. The judge may just order the supervised visitation anyway, because he thinks that it is safer, or more prudent, or to pacify the mom, or to give some lucrative business to court personnel, or because he doesn't like the way Eddie looks, or some other reason. It is extremely unlikely that the judge will pay any attention to the best interest of the child, as you might expect.

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