Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Exposing kids to domestic violence

Michigan news:
LANSING, MI, United States (UPI) -- Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is seeking changes in state law to make exposing kids to domestic violence tantamount to mental or emotional abuse.

Cox wants police officers who respond to domestic violence where children are present to report incidents to Child Protective Services, even if the children were not the direct victims. ...

Kathy Hagenian, executive policy director for the Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violation, cautioned lawmakers about linking domestic violence to the Child Protection Law, however.

Hagenian said victims of domestic violence -- often mothers of young children -- are re-victimized when Child Protective Services becomes involved. Domestic violence victims are often labeled unfit parents because they can`t protect themselves or their children from a spouse or live-in partner.

Minnesota passed similar changes in child protection laws several years ago, Hagenian said, and then rescinded the laws because so many parents who were victims of domestic violence saw their children removed from their care.
This is another example of where the do-gooders just makes problems worse.

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