Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Georgia child support

Georgia has revised its child support formula:
The new system of calculating child support could reduce the payments for many noncustodial parents, most of whom are men. The law mandates that child support be calculated based on the incomes of both parents, unlike the existing system that focuses mainly on the income of the parent who does not have custody. ...

The guidelines represent the biggest change in calculating child support in years, experts say. The current law, which focuses on the income of the noncustodial parent, often awards about 20 percent of that parent's income for a child.

SB 382 also includes a provision that would give noncustodial parents a reduction on their payments if they spend at least 121 days a year with their children.
The Atlanta article says there are a lot of complaints from custodial moms, but they are still getting an outrageously good deal. They can take care of the kid for only 245 days in the year, and get paid for 365.

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