Sunday, November 13, 2005

James Roger Brown rant

I ran across this rant against various child social service agencies. It is long, in pdf format, and rambling, and it seems a little crazy in places, but it has some good info in it. Here is a another similar essay.

For one thing, these essays have specific inferences that are made from answers to psychological tests, like the MMPI-2. These inferences may not be correct, as the author explains. For example, responding true to "I like to flirt" indicates Ego Strength, while false indicates Depression, Social Introversion, and Repression. Hundreds of answers like this are combined to make a personality profile.

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George said...

Yeah, I guess it is a comprehensive study. It was too much and too strange for me to read. I was interested in the info on the scoring of psychological tests, as usually that is kept secret. It makes it clear how easily the test can reach wrong conclusions.