Monday, June 15, 2015

Man tries to fake paternity test

When a woman does not want a baby, she can just get an abortion. Or abandon the baby after birth, with no responsibility or consequences.

If a man does not want a baby, he can try to talk the woman into an abortion or giving the baby up for adoption. But she can just refuse, and attach his paycheck for the next 18 years.

Here is a story of such a man.

The London Mirror reports:
Thomas Kenny was in a relationship when his mistress became pregnant but she refused an abortion and the love-rat didn' want to pay child maintenance. ...

The judge said: "You are plainly the author of your own misfortunes. I have read references from people who suggest that you are normally a well behaved individual but the facts show that you can be thoroughly dishonest and highly manipulative.

"I know you are said to be the loving father of two children by your long standing relationship but this case shows you were prepared to disown a child of your own for financial gain. Morally you can not sink lower than that."
For the woman to disown a child is her constitutional right. Even if she is some slutty home-wrecker. If the man tries to disavow financial responsibility, then he has morally sunk to the bottom.

This is sick. No one should be forced to be a parent. The mistress is the one with low morals here.

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