Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Atheists infected by man-haters

There is a skeptic-atheist community that actively denounces religion, superstition, and medical quackery. Unfortunately it has been infected by leftists, feminists, and social justice warriors. They claim that the same rationality that leads them to reject God also leads them to reject men's rights, and vote for Obama and Clinton.

For below, MRM = Men's Rights Movement, MO = Modus operandi, Latin for method of operation.

A recent comment:
There are very large communities of atheists, skeptics and feminists. It's kind of murky waters. Atheists don't like religion. Skeptics don't like "irrational" things. Feminists don't like, well, we know.

Atheists and skeptics are similar communities and they often interchange. One major hub of both communities is Rational Wiki. The "rational" approach to countless topics.

But who gets to decide what's rational or not? The answer is the status quo. "Skepticism" really becomes blind defense of the status quo.

The status quo right now is that MRM are misogynists, feminists are heroes of equality, various SJW bullshit is on the right side of history. So a big part of Rational Wiki and by proxy the skeptic movement is about trying to tear down men's issues.

In a bigger way "skeptics" want to control how you think, much like feminists do. If anything, it seems the skeptic community have become the liberal activist pit bulls. ...

The skeptic community seems to be in bed with feminism and will blindly support whatever are mainstream views, and they focus their efforts on bullshit instead of things we should actually be skeptical about. ...

Feminists have in recent years taken to invading "men's spaces" and running protection rackets the same way they have successfully done with universities and businesses using the sexual harassment racket (by "racket" I mean like the mob -- threaten to damage a business if they don't pay "protection" money).

Atheists, skeptics, gamers, tech conferences. The MO is the same each time. Feminist women turn up to conferences or groups and make false accusations of sexual harassment. Then other feminists threaten to libel the group as anti-woman if they don't pay up by creating "anti-harassment" rules which give feminists more power to bully people, and also tend to employ feminists to regulate.

It's a big industry in the business world and has huge power in academia. If you don't knuckle under expect feminist flack that libel's you as a woman hating group, or even worse, more targeted false accusations.

Atheists -- Atheist Plus and a few scandals manufactured at their meetings and accusations of misogyny against prominent atheists.

Skeptics - "Elevatorgate" and accusations of rape against prominent skeptics.

Gamers: Gamergate and various accusations of rape, death threats and so on.

Tech: Donglegate and accusations of misogyny.

Generally the male leaders fall over themselves to pay of the feminists to avoid a label of misogyny or worse resulting is draconian rules that give feminists the power to have men thrown out of conferences or fired with a simple false accusation. The rules are usually worded neutrally but never enforced against the feminists who deliberately harass men.

Of all these groups only the gamers really defied the feminists, although Atheism plus never took off.
Just read about the stupid little disputes that dominate the skeptic-atheist conferences, and you will never want to attend one.

For people who claim to be rational, they are amazingly intolerant of other views. They are always trying to shut down discussion by calling people racist, sexist, homophobic, and all the other SJW name-calling.

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Honordads said...

People who don't believe in a Heavenly Father have no use for earthly fathers (or male role models generally). Isaiah 3. Peace, HD