Monday, June 22, 2015

Maintaining faulty integrity of court record

People and businesses with real integrity are happy to correct errors when suitable evidence is presented. The family court has a different attitude. If someone keeps presenting proof of mistakes, then ban him from doing that.

National Parents Organization reports:
It seems that family courts there have prohibited the use of cellphones in the courtroom. No, it’s not because people were disrupting the proceedings by talking on phones or the phones’ constantly ringing, chiming, alerting, etc. The judges don’t seem to mind any of that; what’s gotten them to issue their blanket order is that one litigant had the nerve to record the proceedings on his/her phone and use it to claim that the official court reporter’s transcript was inaccurate.

This, according to the judges, poses a “security threat” to the courts. Really.
The policy, effective March 9, has been adopted to maintain the security of the courthouse, preserve the integrity of the court record and the trial process and to ensure appropriate courtroom behavior.

"Unfortunately the irresponsible act of one person is causing us to respond at this juncture," said Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain…

"It's a harsh remedy to the problems that are coming to light," he said. "We have recognized for years that this is a security issue and maintaining the integrity of the record issue, but trying to be as open as possible to the public. We cannot allow people to come into the courthouse, make recordings, and then present those recordings as a record of court proceedings. There is an official record, a way to get that record, and it maintains the integrity of the court and individual cases to make sure an accurate and complete record gets out," Chamberlain said.

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Anonymous said...

Dumb ass doesn't even know what the words "truth" and "integrity" mean, and he's given the power to make "judgments" affecting others' lives.