Saturday, May 16, 2015

Threatened by surrogacy

A Euro group complains:
Surrogacy often depends on the exploitation of poorer women. In many cases, it is the poor who have to sell and the rich who can afford to buy. These unequal transactions result in consent that is under informed if not uninformed, low payment, coercion, poor health care, and severe risks to the short- and long-term health of women who carry surrogate pregnancies.
You could make these complaints about any transaction. Any time there is a buyer and a seller, you could claim that the buyer would not buy if he did not have the money, and the seller would not sell if she did not want the money.

In the USA, the carriers are probably much better informed, and have better health care, than the typical pregnant woman.
Children born of assisted reproductive technologies, which are usually employed in surrogacy, also face known health risks
Yes, there are health risks, but probably less than in other pregnancies, because of all the screening, testing, and monitoring.

I am not sure what is driving this opposition to surrogacy, because it cannot be these health concerns. The Catholic Church opposes, for reasons related to their opposition to abortion and birth control. But this is from European countries where abortion is widely accepted. Some of the signers to the statement are abortion rights activists.

Maybe they believe that the nuclear family with natural parents is best, but I doubt it.

Surrogacy is rare enuf that there is no reason for most people to care one way or the other.

I think that some people feel threatened by surrogracy. Not sure why.

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HeligKo said...

So much of women's power comes from the carrying of a child. I think that surrogacy blurs this line. The surrogate doesn't retain control as the child grows up. The parallels that can be applied to other issues of parenting legally and socially can be dangerous to the status quot. I don't know if they would be good or bad, so I reserve my judgment on the practice.