Friday, May 29, 2015

Clinton is only pushing for interests of women

A Hillary Clinton supporter complains:
Clinton really, really needs to kill her incoherent “When women are [fill in the blank], families are [same word; slightly different meaning] slogan. Really.
When women are strong, families are strong.
– Hillary Clinton, repeatedly

When women are healthy, families are healthy.
– Hillary Clinton, a few days ago ...
The above-quoted sing-song slogans marry two of Clinton’s hallmarks: First, her belief that simply using the word “women” constantly is her ticket to victory — after all, isn’t that what matters to baby boomer feminists? Well, that, and the fact of her gender itself? Second, her preference for incoherent slogans intended just to indicate generic policy positions. ...

Taken at face value, the two slogans are incoherent.  They’re non sequiturs.  You get the general idea of what she means, but why doesn’t she just say what she means?
I think that she is saying what she means. She wants you to vote for her because this is your chance to turn the USA into a matriarchy. Men will be dependent on benefits to women trickling down to men.

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Anonymous said...

I think she means, "Man up, dickhead, who gives a fuck about you?" Do others get a different read?