Monday, May 18, 2015

California treats all accused parents as guilty

I just found on the official California court site. It is obviously part of some informative booklet for kids who are subjected to being put in foster care.

Note the presumption that the parents are guilty. A juvenile dependency case is defined by the county CPS agency making an accusation of parental abuse or neglect, and it is up to the judge or the appeals court to accept or dismiss the accusation.

This shows that county agents will tell a kid that his parents are guilty of abuse when there is only an unproved accusation.

This is laughable:

No, this is like telling a criminal defendant that the police are there to keep you safe. Yes, we have police to make a safer society, but once you are charged with a crime, the police work for the prosecution, and their goal is to help put you in jail.
It is the judge’s job to listen to what everyone says in court. The judge knows what the law is and decides what needs to happen to keep kids safe. If the judge asks you a question, it is very important for you to tell the truth. The judge needs to know the truth to make the best decision for you.
This is pretty crazy advice. According to a recent federal case, juvenile dependency court judges in some areas spend less than 5 minutes per case, and often less than 60 seconds. No such judge will ever make the best decision for a child, and the child could be sentencing himself to a disastrous foster home by cooperating.

I could not find the rest of this booklet, or instructions on using it, but it illustrates the guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality of govt agents that I often complain about. Actually it is worse than that, because there is no mention of any possibility of being proven innocent. To CPS, an accusation is just the same as a guilty verdict.

I often mention people who are presumed guilty, and here is a list of egregious 2014 cases.

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