Friday, February 13, 2015

SPLC apologizes for attacking black guy

I have attacked the SPLC as a leftist hate group before, but I did not know that they ever apologize for their name-calling:
The Southern Poverty Law Center removed Dr. Ben Carson from its “extremist watch list” and apologized to the potential GOP 2016 presidential candidate.

Carson was originally placed on the list because of what the SPLC called his “anti-LGBT” views. The list includes notorious neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
I assume that they attacked Ben Carson because he is Republican, and then chickened out because he is black.

Here is the original SPLC attack, and the apology.

I am not sure what the difference is. The SPLC is still calling Carson a hater based on a list of political opinions, starting with marriage being between a man and a woman, and ending with him claiming that Hitler disarmed the populace while the SPLC says he only disarmed the Jews.

I did not see Carson expressing any extremist views.

I have given up on the Men's Rights Movement. The movement is attacked relentlessly by leftist name-calling, and you can only survive the attacks if you are a politically connected black.

A Forbes video game reporter writes:
There’s little that can be said about last night’s episode of Law & Order: SVU with a straight face.

“Intimidation Game” is quite possibly the worst hour of cop drama I’ve ever watched. I’d say “worst hour of television ever” but that’s too bold a claim.

As far as TV about video games go, however, this takes the cake. I’ve never felt so insulted after watching TV before, and not just me: the show manages to insult everybody, from the gamers it takes on to the police to women in video games and, perhaps worst of all, victims of actual sexual assault.
The TV show portrays white male video games as sadistic women-haters who kidnap and torture women, just like their video games.

This is supposedly loosely based on GamerGate, where there is some pushback from video games against feminists social justice warriors who want to reform the games. No one has been injured in real life, as far as I know.

Update: Here is a big-shot law professor arguing that college leftist professors should be able to censor students:
Critics complain that universities are treating adults like children. The problem is that universities have been treating children like adults. ...

If students want to learn biology and art history in an environment where they needn’t worry about being offended or raped, why shouldn’t they?
There is the leftoid mind at work. Just compare everything you don't like to rape, including political opinions expressed in a classroom.

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Anonymous said...

What you see happening now is just a small taste of what's to come. The SPLC is hilarious in its bias, hypocrisy and double standards - but that's the nature of the game.

Government is working diligently to transfer as much power, control and wealth as it can, as fast as it can, to women and minorities. This isn't a left/right issue. It's all a power grab. It's using the power of biased laws to redistribute wealth from those that earned it (or inherited it from family) to those that want it for themselves. It's a "fundamental change". It's simple, legalized theft.

Don't think for a minute that the SPLC isn't well aware of what it's doing - and why. The SPLC is well aware of the game it's playing.

When you think about the left, just envision a lesbian, minority vampire flying a foot above and behind you as you desperately flee for your life.

The president, feminists, college administrators, the congress and just about everyone else knows that the rape and DV stats are blatantly false and highly misleading. Why are they still used then? Why are black on white crimes hidden when the fire of white guilt/shame is stoked by Obama, Holder, Sharpton, the liberal media, et all?

It's all about redistribution of wealth, power and control. It's all about "fundamental change".