Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mattress girl is disturbed

Another high-profile rape allegation falls apart:
Uh-oh: Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia senior who’s been lugging a mattress around campus for months to protest her supposed rape by a classmate during their freshman year, is fast turning into another “Jackie,” the University of Virginia student whose claimed gang rape in a fraternity-house basement turned out to be a tall tale concocted by Jackie to get the romantic attention of a young man she had a crush on.

Paul Nungesser, now a Columbia senior like Sulkowicz, she says conducted a brutal anal assault on her in her dorm room following a session of consensual sex—and whom she made a public campus pariah despite the fact that he had been cleared by a Columbia tribunal—finally told his side of the story, to libertarian journalist Cathy Young, writing for the Daily Beast.

In Nungesser’s telling, not only was the entire sexual episode between him and Sulkowicz on Aug. 27, 2012 entirely consensual—the two had an off-and-on “friends with benefits” relationship that grew out of their joint participation in a freshmen-orientation program at Columbia—but Nungesser had the Facebook messages between the two to prove it. For two full months after the supposed assault, Sulkowicz was sending Nungesser friendly texts and Facebook postings expressing hope that the two of them could get together again.
Sulkowicz is the rich preppie daughter of a Jewish psychiatrist dad and Chinese psychiatrist mom. That is even worse than the Tiger Mom couple (Jewish law professor dad, Chinese law professor mom).

One lesson here is that if a boy dates three girls in college, he needs to make sure that they they never talk to each other. Nothing good will come of that.

And save those texts and Facebook messages. Altho London police are being warned that "rapists are increasingly exploiting social media to cover their tracks". I think that they mean that innocent men are using social media evidence to prove their innocence.

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