Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another leftist attack on men's rights

I mentioned that Mother Jones has a hit piece on Warren Farrell and now the leftist BuzzFeed has one on Paul Elam, of A Voice For Men. He responds. BuzzFeed found an ex-wife or two with some nasty things to say about him.

It was too long, and I didn't read much of it. What I read was minor and unverifiable. While AVFM is a leading men's rights site, the arguments were never based on the details of some marriage between 20yo kids decades ago. Who cares?

The men's rights movement rarely gets any attention at all. Why this? When leftist sites like Mother Jones and BuzzFeed really hate a movement, they launch personal attacks, and make them as nasty as possible.

Their readers do not function on reason and logic. They form political stances from emotional responses. If they can somehow trigger a negative emotional reaction to Farrell and Elam, then their typical liberal reader can dismiss whatever they have to say.

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Justin said...

Great call on that. The news media is pure propaganda and spin. Most people are dummies and internalize the programming they are given.