Friday, April 04, 2014

Followup on demoted good judge

I posted before on Good judge gets demoted, but they could not get rid of him, and he is back on the job:
San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep, banished to Kearny Mesa traffic court for the past three months after city prosecutors said they would boycott his criminal courtroom, is on his way back to the downtown courthouse.

Kreep will start a new assignment in Department 7 in the central courthouse, handling a full calendar of landlord-tenant disputes, according to a court spokeswoman. He’ll also handle some civil cases that relate to landlord tenant disputes as well as credit card debt cases. ...

Being sent to traffic court was an unusual step, since those courts are usually staffed only by court commissioners, who are paid about 15 percent less than the $180,000 in salary a Superior Court judge earns. It was virtually unheard of to have a sitting Superior Court judge assigned to hear traffic infractions.

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Anonymous said...

It was never going to last - there are just not enough judges.