Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Supreme court is no help

CNN reports:
Washington (CNN) -- He was known only as A.J.A.-- a little boy at the center of a international custody fight that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The near decade-long dispute has now come to an end, not because of any judicial action, but simply because of time.
Alex Abbott turned 16 recently and has officially "aged out" of coverage under The Hague Convention dealing with child abduction across borders. A U.S. federal judge this week signed an order dismissing the case between the boy's parents.
The dad won 6-3 in the US Supreme Court, and he still cannot see his son.

Courts have a lot of power, when they want to exercise it. They throw dads in jail without trial, seize kids, and ruin lives. But when a dad has a legal right to see his kids, the courts act as if they cannot do anything.

I mentioned a child visitation case that seemed headed for the US Supreme Court. The court is supposed to hear cases where there is a split in the courts below, and they are deeply divided in this case. But the supreme court just
denied the petition. The issue of grandparent visitation is still unresolved, and waits for a court that has the guts to address it.

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