Friday, February 10, 2012

Illegal mom wants kid back

ABC TV Nightline reports:
A tug-of-war over a five-year-old boy is at the center of a national debate over parental rights and immigration, and a sign of what critics say is a growing trend in which immigrants are being deemed unfit parents because they crossed the border illegally.

Seth and Melinda Moser of Carthage, Missouri say the boy they call Jamison is their son, and that returning him to his birth mother after five years will cause him untold harm.

"I could not love him more, had he come out of me physically," Melinda Moser said in an interview with a Missouri television station. "I can only imagine the trauma that he would go through in feeling like people that did love him have betrayed him, you know?"

His birth mother, Encarnacion Bail Romero, says Carlos was taken from her against her will while she was in federal custody for an immigration-related crime, and hopes to regain custody in a trial that starts later this month.

"I'm his mother, I'm the mother of Carlitos," she told ABC News.
She is the mom, and she wants her son. Good argument.

What I don't get is why illegal alien felons have more rights than I do. She is not deemed unfit just because she crossed illegally. She lost the boy because she was serving three years in prison and had no husband or relatives in the USA to take the boy. She speaks Spanish and the boy speaks English. She is awaiting deportation.

There are many things wrong with this story. She probably only had the kid as an anchor baby so she could stay in the USA and collect welfare. CPS only claimed that she abandoned the boy because she was in prison, and CPS got a $10k federal bonus for terminating her parental rights. She wants the kid now in order to postpone deportation.

I am an American. I did not break any laws. I did not have a baby that I could not take care of. I speak English. I did not come here to be a parasite on the welfare system. Nobody claims that any other parent is better for my kids than I am. Why is this irresponsible single mom getting sympathy on national TV, and I am not allowed to see my own kids?


Southern Man said...

The 14th amendment provides a fairly broad definition of citizenship that only recently was interpreted as "if you're born on our soil, you're a citizen." It's high time that the courts went back to the intended meaning of "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" and declared that the children of illegal immigrants are NOT citizens.

George said...

Yes, that is one of the things wrong with this story.

Anonymous said...

The story about Encarnacion Bail Romero clearly shows that ILLEGAL aliens (de facto criminals) have more rights than fathers in this country.

The only logical conclusion I see that can be drawn is that father are criminals and therefore have no rights.

Feminizts have been saying it for years, men are useless except for sperm-donors and wallets.

Anonymous said...

CPS got 10,000.00. Financial interests were at stake to a degree.
Same with you. It's what's in the best inerest of the coffers. b.i.o.t.c.