Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Singularly most chilling experience of my life

With all the quack psychologists around, I have wondered what it takes to lose a license. Apparently it can happen to a therapist in England:
Lesley Pilkington was effectively barred from her professional register after attempting to convert a homosexual man in a therapy session at her home.

Her patient turned out to be a gay rights journalist, who had secretly recorded the sessions and then reported her to her professional body. Mrs Pilkington, a committed Christian, was subsequently found guilty of professional misconduct.

The therapy practised by Mrs Pilkington had been described as "absurd" by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and roundly condemned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. ...

Last year, Mr Strudwick said: "Entering into therapy with somebody who thinks I am sick … is the singularly most chilling experience of my life.

"If a black person goes to a GP and says I want skin bleaching treatment, that does not put the onus on the practitioner to deliver the demands of the patient. It puts the onus on the health care practitioner to behave responsibly."
The pediatricians say:
The mechanisms for the development of a particular sexual orientation remain unclear, but the current literature and most scholars in the field state that one’s sexual orientation is not a choice; that is, individuals do not choose to be homosexual or heterosexual.
Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon recently explains:
“I gave a speech recently, an empowerment speech to a gay audience, and it included the line ‘I’ve been straight and I’ve been gay, and gay is better.’ And they tried to get me to change it, because they said it implies that homosexuality can be a choice. And for me, it is a choice. I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me. A certain section of our community is very concerned that it not be seen as a choice, because if it’s a choice, then we could opt out. I say it doesn’t matter if we flew here or we swam here, it matters that we are here and we are one group and let us stop trying to make a litmus test for who is considered gay and who is not.”
Okay, maybe homosexuality is a choice; maybe it is not; maybe science has not resolved that issue. That is not my concern.

Mr Strudwick went to a British Christian therapist asking for a treatment for his homosexuality, and then complained that he was offered such a treatment. He was offended at the idea that someone considered him to have a sickness, and said that it was "the singularly most chilling experience of my life." I think that he is over-dramatizing to make a political point, but his antics got the therapist to lose her license.

Here in California, I went to court psychologists like Ken Perlmutter, and they all testified that I had no recognized disorder, and that they could not find any defects in my parenting practices. Nevertheless, Perlmutter conspired with Cmr. Irwin H. Joseph to deprive me of my joint custody of my kids. Now, I do not even have any visitation.

Here is what Judge Heather Morse wrote in her decision against me:
During our days of hearing, George did not appear to be mean-spirited, but rather physically incapable of perceiving why he was being prevented from having unsupervised time with his children. Whether as a result of a narcissistic personality disorder that could benefit from individual therapy (which George distrusts), or from a medical perspective of a biological disorder such as Asperger's Syndrome where individuals with genius I.Q.'s can have difficulties withsocial relationships, the court finds that the parties' time and money could be better spent to improve the parental relationships while there is still time to do so.
I am being punished for what I am. She has forced my kids to grow up without a dad, and she can give no reason for it except for my personality and beliefs. She never said that I was an unfit parent or that I ever did anything harmful. She just disapproves of the kind of person I am. I thought that this was impossible in America. This was the singularly most chilling experience of my life.

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