Sunday, January 15, 2012

Britain announces better family law policy

Every once in a while, some govt official will announce some obvious truth, and I think that there is some hope for mankind. Here is an example.

A UK newspaper reports:
Divorced parents will have right to see their children under new law

Ministers are drawing up new rules to put courts under a legal duty to ensure divorced parents are guaranteed access to their children.

Parents who refuse to accept the orders will be in contempt of court and risk serious penalties or even jail.

The move will delight fathers’ rights campaigners who believe dads are penalised under the present system which usually grants mothers custody. ...

Last night children’s minister Tim Loughton said: ‘Our vision is to establish that, under normal circumstances, a child will have a relationship with both his or her parents, regardless of their relationship with each other.

'We must do everything we can to improve the system so that it gives children the best chance of growing up under the guidance of two loving parents. ...

'All the evidence tells us that children genuinely benefit from a relationship with both parents, with the potential to make different contributions to their child’s development.

'The culture has shifted away from the traditional view that mothers are primarily responsible for the care of children. Increasingly society recognises the valuable and distinct role of both parents.

'We are looking closely at all the options for promoting shared parenting through possible legislative and non-legislative means.'

Mr Loughton’s comments indicate that ministers have gone against a key finding of November’s family justice review, which rejected equal access for mothers and fathers, saying it would put too much pressure on judges.

Two months ago the UK said that it was too much trouble for judges to let both parents have relationships with their kids? And now they say it is a good idea after all!

I don't understand British politics, so I can't tell what is going on here. Maybe the forces of evil will block the new policy. But maybe things are not as hopeless as I thought.


Anonymous said...

I have seen that in the USA. They have laws which allow both parents to see the kids, but the judges simply ignore them, so the dearies can do whatever they wish.

Expect that in UK. So, when men complain about not seeing their kids, they will be told, "It's your own fault. If you can't obtain rights granted by law, too bad."

Anonymous age 69

Andrew said...

I emailed an update to this story to George and am posting this for the other readers: Divorced fathers to get more access to their children in custody law shakeup