Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New federal lawsuit

This lawsuit story is from a month ago:
ARAB, Alabama ( – A local parent, Brad Patterson, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the State of Alabama and eleven other defendants in United States District Court last week. Now, a federal judge has approved his petition to waive filing fees and ordered the US Marshal Service to serve the complaint to the defendants.

In the complaint, Mr. Patterson alleges that State officials violated his property rights by denying him due process and equal protection of the law, rights safeguarded by the US Constitution. The allegations stem from a series of events over four years that began in late 2007 with what Mr. Patterson claims to be a false affidavit for past-due child support.
I don't doubt that he has a legitimate case, but the feds will figure out an excuse to dismiss. The federal judges do not have the guts to address family court issues.

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Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to your post:

"Child Protective Services officials took the unharmed kids into protective custody."

Unharmed? Really?