Saturday, June 25, 2011

State Board wants more info

I just got this letter:
Board of Psychology Control No.: 1F 2011 215103 (Dr. Kenneth B. Perlmutter)
Dear Mr. AngryDad:

This letter is concerning the complaint received by the Board of Psychology (Board) regarding the above-named subject.

Following a review of the correspondence you submitted, it is apparent we will need additional information. Please provide the Board with the following:

• A copy of the 2003 agreement signed by you and Ms. AngryMom agreeing to joint custody of your children
• A certified copy of the 2005 court order granting you and Ms. AngryMom joint legal and physical custody
• A certified copy of the 2007 custody order granting Ms. AngryMom temporary sole physical custody pending your submission to a psychological evaluation, but denying her sole legal custody
• A copy of Dr. Perlmutter's May 2010 report
• A copy of Dr. Perlmutter's June 2010 deposition transcript
• A copy of Dr. Perlmutter's December 2010 testimony (transcript)
• A copy of the court transcript and/or any order issued by Judge Morse at the May 23, 2011 hearing, evidencing your allegation that she conceded that Dr. Perlmutter was biased against you, and that no further testimony from him would be accepted by the court.

Please note that failure to respond in writing by July 5, 2011 will cause your complaint to be closed. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Wow, someone actually read my complaint! It could still be a big whitewash, but it appears to be a legitimate investigation.

I hope this info is useful to anyone else who might have been a victim of unethical psychologist behavior, and who wants to complain about it.

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