Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commenting on the commissioner

I mentioned below that a local family court self-help group is collecting comments on a commissioner who is being considered as a substitute family court judge. Here is what I sent to the woman who runs that group. She will forward the comments to the court, so that the court can get citizen comments. I encourages others to also send their comments.

To: Santa Clara Superior Court
Date: June 23, 2011

I am told that the Santa Clara court has hired Irwin H. Joseph as a commissioner. I knew him from his work on tha Santa Cruz family court for 3 or 4 years. He was a terrible judge, and I strongly suggest that you do not use him in your family court.

Mr. Joseph took a dislike to me because I got him reversed on appeal in a published opinion, and because I commented on his court action on an online blog at

Joseph issued an order for the police to seize my kids just because my ex-wife had made a complaint to CPS alleging emotional abuse. CPS wrote a report that did not recommend that any action be taken.

After an open court hearing with members of the public present, Joseph held me in contempt of court for posting some quotes from the public testimony. As far as I know, Joseph is the only judge in American history to punish someone for quoting the public testimony against him in open court.

Joseph prevented me from seeing my kids until a psychologist did another evaluation, even though there had been five previous evaluations and none reported any problems. When the psychologist backed out, Joseph refused to appoint a replacement. Because of this refusal, I did not see my kids for a couple of years.

Joseph does not have the competence or temperament to be a judge.

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