Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fired commissioner still wants to be a family court judge

The Santa Cruz family was run for about three years by a commissioner (and judge wannabe) Irwin H. Joseph, until he was fired last year. For about a year had a consulting business, relying largely on referrals from the family court to mediate disputes. Then he got a job as a commissioner in the next county, Santa Clara county. Last I heard, he was doing traffic court.

Now I heard a rumor that he is trying to get on the family court in Santa Clara. He is a public employee, and the govt officials making the decision should certainly consider input from the public. Some of us who sat in his Santa Cruz court have a good idea what kind of a job he did, and we ought to inform the Santa Clara authorities.

The nice folks at familycourtscore.org are collecting some letters about Cmr. Joseph, and will send them in. I suggest emailing your opinion to them. I will send them a statement myself.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this, you bet I'll be sending in a letter about that evil cretin. Hope others who suffered his tender mercies will follow suit.

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sound good. Thanks for posting