Friday, June 03, 2011

No Fathers Day in Mass.

A reader sends this story:
In Massachusetts we have been suffering with the highly incompetent, ultra liberal socialist, matching bookend to Obama, Governor Deval Patrick. We all know about his appointing about 20 devout lesbian militant feminists to the family court where they can do the most damage to men and one to the state supreme court.

What you won’t hear in the media, is now he has kicked fathers again where it hurts. Patrick taking a cue his buddy, also from Chicago, Obama, who denigrated fathers at least on two Father’s Days in the past with his speeches, has really done something truly inexplicable.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has refused a request to hang a banner in the Massachusetts State House honoring fathers this coming Fathers Day.
Mitt Romney was a previous Republican governor of Mass. Someone should ask him where he stands, now that he is running for President.

Meanwhile, the Death of Caylee Anthony has gotten a lot of publicity. The mom, Casey Anthony, is on trial for murder. She was a single mom, with no dad in sight. She has a very long trail of lies, far-fetched stories, and bad behavior. She may get the death penalty.

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The Phantom MRA said...

"She may get the death penalty."

I doubt it. Susan Smith didn't, and she killed two kids.