Wednesday, March 30, 2011

State was not forced into the dispute

The left-wing Media Matters attacks Glenn Beck:
Glenn Beck falsely claimed that the New Hampshire Supreme Court prevented "parents" from home schooling their children based on a case that simply resolved a dispute between two divorced parents over the best way to educate their daughter. Beck has previously demonized public schools for "indoctrinat[ing]" children and "beg[ged]" people to home-school their children. ...

"This is not state versus parent," Justice Robert Lynn said. "The state was forced into this because it's a dispute between the parents that someone had to resolve." [The Associated Press, 1/6/11, via]
Yes, it is state versus parent. The parents may disagree about schooling options, but it is simply not true that the state has to resolve the dispute or that the state was forced into it.

Family courts always rule against homeschooling parents. Either they rule that way directly, or they appoint an evaluator to give that opinion. The crooked evaluators always understand that they are expected to find made-up psychological reasons against homeschooling.

People have different opinions about homeschooling. Most people don't like it for various reasons. Maybe they are right, but the law says that it is within the rights of the parent to make that decision, not the court. The judge should have no jurisdiction over the matter.


Anonymous said...

"The judge should have no jurisdiction over the matter."

Minor correction:
The judge HAS no jurisdiction over the matter.

The fact that we're given a choice between imprisonment and death for ignoring their orders, does not alter the fact that they have no right, legal or moral, to give us orders. Neither the federal constitution, nor any of the state constitutions, grants authority to any level of government to make parenting choices for our children. They simply do so because too many of us think their megalomania can be satiated. If I just give in this time, then they'll be happy, and I won't go to jail. We've been giving in for 234 years. They're still not happy. What was it they tried 235 years ago? Maybe it's time to try that again.

"Good... Bad... I'm the guy with the gun."
--your government

Anonymous said...

The reason the courts and the progressives hate homeschooling and want to eradicate it in the U.S. (and the world in general) is because an informed electorate is the biggest threat to their power they can think of. Their worst nightmare come to life should be our goal!