Thursday, March 31, 2011

Restraining order struck down

A California court actually struck down a domestic restraining order. The case is In re Marriage of Mendlowitz. The woman claimed that she was being slandered by some emails, but was not really in any danger.

The news here is that any restraining order got struck down on appeal. If there were any justice, about 99% of them would be struck down. I have heard about dozens of these orders, and I have yet to see one that had any merit to it. The order is just a way for women to abuse the legal system.

The comments to the above story tell of a restraining order against someone posting academic messages about the Dead Sea Scrolls! I have heard of overheated academic debates, but it is baffling how foolish judges get suckered into thinking that some court order is going to improve an arcane academic debate.

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