Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colorado lets parents try to get kids back

A new 4-3 Colorado supreme court decision favors the parents trying to get their kids after letting some relatives be guardians.

It seems to me that if parents voluntarily appoint relatives be guardians temporarily, and if the parents have not been adjudicated unfit, then the parents should be able to get their kids back whenever they want them.

In this Colorado case, the parents have been trying to get their kid back since Aug. 2007. This 4-3 court decision just allows them to keep trying. The family court will probably still decide that the guardians are in the best interest of the child (BIOTCh).

The core of the problem here is that the family court does not respect parental rights, and spends four years trying to determine the BIOTCh. It should have decided on day one that the parents never relinquished their rights, that they have not been found unfit, and therefore that the BIOTCh should mean that the parents get to decide what is good for their own kids.

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Anonymous said...


Look at it this's not about "What's in the best interest of the child." It's about, "who's got the best/greatest interest IN THE CHILD."

The court prof.s and accusing parent are protecting their interest by capturing, and retraining their HOSTAGE....
It's what serves their BEST INTERESTS, right ?