Wednesday, March 16, 2011

California court computer boondoggle

The Sacramento Bee reports:
Computer mess jeopardizes court's political clout

SAN FRANCISCO -- Former California Chief Justice Ron George's crowning achievement was expected to be his crusade to drag the nation's largest court system into the 21st century: a computer system linking every courthouse in the state's 58 counties.

As initially envisioned a decade ago, anyone in any courthouse today should be able to get real-time information on just about any case anywhere in the state.

Instead, the state auditor has concluded that court officials have so badly mismanaged the massive information technology project formally launched in 2004 that it has been installed to mixed reviews in just seven counties. And more than what may become a $2 billion computer project is at stake.
It takes 10 years and $2 billion just to set up a web site showing all the California court cases? This is pathetic.

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