Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scared to use an elevator

Here is some newspaper advice:
Dear Annie: Last weekend, I stayed at an upscale motel where they serve breakfast in the lobby. After eating, I went to the elevator, and a little boy, perhaps 6 years old, left the table where his father was eating and announced, "I'm going up to Mom." Dad agreed, and the boy rode up to the third floor with me, chatting the whole time, before getting off on my floor and pounding on a door farther down the hall.

Annie, this child could have been abducted at any time. The elevator was at the intersection of two hallways and was 10 feet from a stairwell. Anyone could have gotten on that elevator or been in the hallway when he got off.

I was tempted to say something to the parents,... — Concerned in Texas

Dear Texas: ... Next time, speak up.
No, 6 year old boys do not get kidnapped in elevators at upscale hotels. These women are paranoid. I think that they need psychological treatment.

For a more sensible attitude, I recommend the FreeRangeKids blog.

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Oath Keeper said...

This is a good example of how CPS gets away with snatching kids for any reason and selling them on the adoption/pedophile market for profit. When women are told it's all for the best interest of the child most of them are to stupid and emotional to question the scam for what it is.