Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blaming the dad when the mom is a lunatic

Here is an advice column about a lunatic mom:
Dear Concerned: Your daughter-in-law is mentally ill and is abusing her son emotionally.

The fact that Dad permits this is reprehensible. Call Child Protective Services, and ask that someone check out the home situation. Talk to the principal and counselor at Jeremy's school.
Note that the mom is a lunatic, but it is still the dad's fault.

I did not include the letter about the crazy mom. Yes, she is nuts, but I think that about 10% of moms are that nuts. The only thing that keeps them from causing a lot of destruction is a husband being the head of the household. The nutty single moms do cause a lot of damage.


Anonymous said...

how do you get your estimate of 10%?

Yes, single moms can and do cause damage, but I'm finding their advocates and apologists in the media and legal system far more damaging in the long run for society.

George said...

I just made up the 10%, based on my own experience. I have heard crazy stories similar to everything in that letter. It seems like every classroom has at least one crazy mom who would be completely unhinged if it were not for having a stable husband.

David Collard said...

Many women, my wife included, are highly volatile at times. I agree completely that only a strong head of house can keep them in line. I have had to become a lot tougher to keep my wife happy and productive, and not drive everyone, including herself, nuts.

Women's irrationality is not a joking matter. There is a reason why traditionalists believe that women should be kept safely within a patriarchy.

George said...

Saying "highly volatile" is a good polite way of putting it. These women can be wonderful wives and mothers, and they seem normal the big majority of the time. They just should not be the head of the household.