Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disrespectful court brief

I am writing a brief for the court in my child custody case, and I ran across this extreme example of disrespect to the court in an appellate brief. The appellant got gouged on a student loan, and has a good point, but he was sure to lose anyway because the court is not going to change how student loans work. He was ordered to pay $80K for what was originally a $6400 loan. If you have a chance of winning, then this brief is an example of what not to do. The brief such contempt for the judges that it is funny.

From the same legal blog, Tennessee denies voting rights to certain fathers with unpaid support payments. The federal appeals court upheld the policy by a 2-1 vote. I think that it would make more sense to deny the vote to people on welfare, food stamps, and child support. We would all be better off if taxpayers did the voting, not society's leeches.

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Anonymous said...

The amount of typos alone makes it hard to read. And the guy claims to be a teacher?? wtf

Awesome read; thanks for sharing!