Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mom sues Tyra Banks

The Boston Herald reports:
ATLANTA — A Georgia woman is suing Tyra Banks for $3 million after she said her 15-year-old daughter appeared without her permission on an episode of Banks’ talk show about teen sex addicts.

In a lawsuit filed Oct. 8 in federal court in Atlanta, Beverly McClendon claims the show contacted the teen on her cell phone after she responded to a request on the show’s website seeking "sex addicts." The girl was then picked up from her home in Georgia in a limo and flown to New York, where she was put up in a hotel, all without her mother’s knowledge, the lawsuit says.

McClendon filed a missing person report with local police when she realized her daughter was gone. The teen has never been diagnosed as a sex addict, the lawsuit says.
A commenter suspects:
I am thinking that the mom was the one that orchestrated the entire thing. I don't buy her story for one second.
The real problem here is that there is no father on the scene. The mom probably kicked him out so that she could get more welfare money, and has her own sex addiction.

Update: The first comment below confirmed all my prejudices. Tyra does not ask about the dad.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that the mom says that deviants and predators will be the ones watching the show, yet she didn't seem to protect her daughter from those people at any other time... just now when there's potential money involved. Here's a link to the clip:

It also says that the 15 year old has been pregnant 3 times and lost her virginity when she was 9. Sad.