Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shrinks like empathy buzzword

I had a court psychologist, Ken Perlmutter, do a $20k child custody evaluation. For that, he said that I lacked empathy. He did not even seem to know what the word meant, and just used it as a buzzword whenever he wanted to criticize me.

He also said that he does not understand why I would dislike being falsely labeled a child abuser. If anyone lacks empathy, it is Perlmutter.

Meanwhile, a common criticism of President Barack Obama is that he lacks empathy. For example, today's Doonesbury cartoon ridicules him for that. I wonder how Obama would survive a child custody evaluation.


Anonymous said...

Have you asked this guy if HE minds being referred to as a child abuser? His reply might be informative.

George said...

He is a child abuser. His incompetent reports are causing dozens of kids to suffer unnecessarily. I hope that he is exposed for the damage that he is doing.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately these folks work under the delusion (powered and motivated by money, and, well, power) that they're HELPING children. Remember, they're experts and know best, after all. You can't argue with a zealot and missionary under those circumstances. Plus they obviously have no shame whatsoever.