Monday, September 20, 2010

Prohibited from expressing opinions

A free-speech law prof reports:
“Respondent May NOT Use Internet in Any Manner to Communicate About Petitioner Ever Again”

That’s the order that a Wisconsin court issued in telling an ex-wife that she may not speak online about her ex-husband (emphasis in original). A similar order (though only for four years, and not “ever again”) was issued barring the ex-wife from speaking online about her ex-husband’s lawyer.

The ex-wife apparently violated the order, and is now being prosecuted for violating the injunction, because she kept posting things about the ex-husband and his lawyer. ...

The injunctions strike me as patently and vastly overbroad, and therefore clearly unconstitutional.
You would think that judges would have a clear understanding of free speech rights.

My ex-wife complains endlessly about this blog, but I don't even use to tell bad stories about her. The purpose of this blog is to complain about the family court, not her.

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