Thursday, September 02, 2010

Divorce mediation in Santa Cruz

A lawyer asked Judge Morse on Monday about alternative dispute resolution possibilities, and she said that there was a new service at the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz. She said that they have a sliding fee schedule that goes as low as $60 per hour for an initial consultation. She also mentioned Commissioner Joseph and Chip Rose, altho it was not clear to me whether they were connected to this Center.

It is very unlikely that the judge has any idea about the value of a service like this. I doubt that it has much value, but I post it here in case it is useful to someone in Santa Cruz California.


Anonymous said...

Seems like Chip Rose is brought up a lot. The Mediation Center of Santa Cruz is also Chip Rose:

It's 550 Water St #J3

This is also where Wendy B Morgan (a.k.a. Wendy Weisman Benjamin) works, although I don't know how or if she's connected to the mediation center. She claims to be an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) lawyer, a collaborative practice lawyer, etc as well, which is such a load of bologna! She's one of the most pompous, unethical, high-conflict, waste of money attorneys out there. Her state bar record even mentions that she was caught shop lifting from Wal-Mart.

I'd have a hard time trusting any place that is connected to her in any way... even if she's just renting space from the office...

Orange County Divorce Mediation said...

Good job!!! Thanks for it

Anonymous said...

Chip Rose, JD, of the Mediation Center in Santa Cruz is no different than all the rest of the divorce attorneys, except he gets both party's payments, rather than one. He drags out the mediation, basically accomplishing nothing. My ex-wife would spend the whole $500 hour talking about nothing, and he allowed her to go on and on. Then, the English snooty receptionist would ask us to come back in two weeks for another $500 session of nonsense. When we finally settled, we DID all the papers ourselves, financially exhausted by his money-grabbing, stalling techniques. All he is doing is making $500 per hour, not facilitating mediation. He wants it to drag on and on so he makes lots of money off our misfortune.