Sunday, August 15, 2010

The truth revealed by feminism

A blogger discovered this pearl of wisdom:
I have often said that nothing good has come out of feminism--nothing. Laura Wood, who agrees with the general point, has found an exception, sort of:
If any good has come from feminism it is a dawning appreciation of female sexual desire and its potential to destroy. The monogamous instincts of women have been vastly exaggerated in the popular imagination, even by Darwinian realists who pride themselves on their clear-eyed appraisals of human nature. Sexual liberation has revealed the full extent of feminine waywardness and disloyalty.

At least two-thirds of divorces in this country are initiated by women. Women are more eager than men to get married; once married they are more eager to get out of marriage. In many of these divorces, women act as if their husbands have disappointed or offended them when the truth is these women desire another man or the possibility of new romance. Economic power for women and divorce laws that guarantee maternal custody or joint custody have unmasked the truth about female sex drives: Women are not innately faithful nor do all women naturally put the interests of their children above their own.
Jane S. writes:
Exactly. There's a reason why the serpent had Eve pegged as the one more likely to willingly disobey God and bring sin into the world. It isn't just that he bumped into her first.
A lot of people mistakenly think that if women are the ones who are more likely to want to get married, then men would be the ones more likely to want a divorce. That is a gross misunderstanding of human nature. Even when the man files for the divorce, it is usually in response to his wife being dissatisfied with the marriage. Polls of both men and women give the same results.


Anonymous said...

I have found from experience that very few men want to divorce, most all would prefer not to. But those who are divorced by their wife have regrets at having married their wife in the first place. I have known of only two men who chose to divorce. One was my father who decided my mother was totally bonkers, my sister and I agreed and demanded to go live with him. the other was a close friend who's wife was also bonkers.
What does this tell me? Men, I think, are far more willing to make do with second best and work on it, women, because they are unwilling to, go bonkers. It has been an experience dating divorced women, so many regret have divorced (unless their ex was truly violent - though I have found that to be rarely the case) it makes me wonder why they couldn't have made do with second best and worked on it.

Anonymous said...

amen. I divorced my ex-wife after years and years of trying to attain some sort of equilibrium and sanity in our relationship and in the raising of our children. Never hit her, physically threatened her, etc. No dice, it just wasn't going to work no matter what. One day it was just the last straw and I left, thinking it better to raise children in two separate households where the husband/father isn't a doormat and ATM. Alas, the system is rigged so that a vengeful ex can continue to abuse her former mate to the point of taking the kids away on the flimsiest of pretexts (read George's story, very similar to mine, though there was no cheating going on in my situation). I guess some women prefer to expend their energy and efforts in being spiteful instead of trying to make a relationship work for both parties. Not that I haven't seen it go the other way, but in general, my experience and observations are "hell hath no fury.....". At the end of the day, though, I can only blame myself for making such a stupid choice in the first place, and to this day I continue to pay, and pay, and pay, and not just monetarily. So do my children.

George said...

Yes, I have dated a couple of divorce women who regretted their divorces. In each case, she told me that she was the one who initiated the divorce, and that she was justified for vague reasons that she could not articulate. Maybe she would say that she was not fulfilled, or that her husband was not sufficiently sensitive to her feelings, or something like that. It was just painfully obvious that she was worse off divorced.

Mia Carmel West said...

Very interesting post. Sure, some of the women I've known are pretty awesome, but I clearly see how the concept of feminism may have produced some of the most hateful and spiteful beings on the face of the earth whose main objective is to simply dominate the opposite sex by any means necessary. Then again, there's always divorce advice for men for such women, in case some of the guys married a horrible wife.