Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ten million is enough

AP reports:
LOS ANGELES – A jury on Thursday rejected a claim by billionaire real estate mogul Donald Bren's two adult children for $134 million in retroactive child support.

The unusual case was a high-stakes contest between one of the nation's richest men and the children he fathered during a 13-year affair with Jennifer McKay Gold, who brought the lawsuit on behalf of her children when they were minors.

Christie Bren, 22, and her brother, David Bren, 18, pursued the case when they became adults.

Jurors deliberated two hours before siding with the 78-year-old Irvine Co. chairman, whose attorney argued that no family court would have given the children more than the millions he already paid. ...

Four contracts were created involving child support each time Gold became pregnant and after the children were born. The accords, beginning in 1988, rose from $3,500 a month to $18,000 a month between 1992 and 2002. ...

His lawyers have claimed he paid $10 million in support over the years, including the educations.
For some women, no amount of money is ever enough. No matter how much they get, they act as if they are entitled to more.

There is still no word on much money Mrs. Tiger Woods got in the divorce. She seems like a real gold-digger. As far as I know, she never even bothered to show up at his golf tournaments. I never saw her on TV, anyway. And now she is taking her money, whining to People magazine, and running. She now denies the rumors that she hit Tiger in the mouth with a golf club, after refusing to comment earlier.

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