Monday, August 30, 2010

Judge avoids us

I appeared in Judge Heather Morse's court again this morning. I think that she already hates our case.

The last time my ex-wife were there for an 8:30 motion, she repeatedly skipped over us again and again. She even called cases two or three times, while ignoring us. Finally, when there was no one left in the courtroom but us, she said that she was adjourning for lunch. We had to come back at 1:30.

It was the same story this morning. Except that when she got to us at noon, she did not want to see us after lunch. She told us to come back on Nov. 1. Obviously this is not coincidence. Either the judge does not like us, or does not like our case, or is afraid of our case, or does not want others to see our case, or something. Not sure what.

She will have to face our issues at the Nov. trial.

I had to sit thru a lot of other cases. The judge patiently listened to a lot of silly arguments. I found one thing striking -- all of the bad custody cases involved mixed marriages and/or foreigners. I am not sure what to conclude from this. I did not see a scientific sample, so I do not want to generalize. But the pattern was the same as the last several times that I have been in court. Has anyone done a study on just who is clogging up our family courts? I get the impression that this subject is too sensitive for most people. Yes, this is one of the few societies in history that condones marriage outside one's culture. But maybe people would benefit from spending a day in family court before they make the leap.


Anonymous said...

did you know you can disqualify a judge? one time chance. you may want to take it.

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with that as it happened to me (my ex disqualified a prior judge). It falls under C.C.P. Sec. 170.6. You can do it without any reason if the judge has never heard you before, but after even 1 hearing you would have the burden of proof to show that the judge is biased against you, and it's up to the judge to decide. My thought is that doing that would look bad. In my case, we had seen the judge a number of times, but it somehow still worked and the judge immediately recused himself, but when I went home and read about it, I found that he shouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

disqualification???? best thing ever in her case.
i am a single mom with one son dealing with this completely incompetent judge who makes only ego-driven decision.

I have heard that many, many recusals have been challenged for her. She is TEH EVIL in family court. just go sit there some morning when it is NOT your case being called. observe without bias, and you will come away realizing she is not. (without bias)