Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stewardess seizes toddler on flight

AP reports:
Police say a Southwest Airlines flight attendant took a baby from her parents on a flight from Dallas to Albuquerque after the mother slapped the crying child.

The flight attendant told Albuquerque International Sunport aviation police she removed the 13-month-old after she saw the mother slap the girl and passengers complained.

Airport spokesman Daniel Jiron says paramedics checked the baby when the flight landed Monday.

Aviation police returned the child to her parents after speaking to the couple, the flight attendant and other witnesses. The parents were not cited.
The airline is way out of line. It should not be seizing kids on a flight, just because someone disapproves of a disciplinary method.

Update: This story is getting a lot of publicity. It is amazing how many people think that they ought to be interjecting themselves into how others rear their kids. We have a society of busybodies. And the ones with the worst child-rearing opinions are usually the worst busybodies.

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