Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting an evaluation

I finally have an appointment to start the psychological evaluation ordered by Commissioner Joseph. I assume that my ex-wife has also.

I've been getting advice from my friends on how to behave. One said that I should say that I am happy with the visitation being supervised.

Others agreed, and said that I should appear as agreeable as possible. They said that the psychologist has so much power over me that I cannot risk alienating him in any way. I should just act grateful for whatever he recommends. Anything else will be quoted and used against me in his report. He will cite it as a sign of emotional instability and a lack of the nurturing qualities needed to be a good parent. One friend, who has extensive experience with the family court, suggested that the psychologist may even invent a phony accusation of a borderline personality disorder, just to punish me for having the nerve to express opinions of my own. They all agreed that I should not say anything critical about Cmr. Joseph, as that would indicate that I have a bad attitude or that I am not sufficiently deferential to authority.

I don't know whether this is good advice or not, but it is useless to me. I have already expressed my opinions in court papers and on this blog. The psychologist will get the court papers and he knows about the blog. If my ex-wife thinks that I said something that will cause the psychologist to have a negative opinion of me, then she will point it out to him. For better or worse, the psychologist will know my true opinions, and I cannot hide them even if I wanted to.

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Anonymous said...


It doesn't matter what you say or do. It's a done deal, already. You could go into the guy's office dressed up in a superman costume, and it wouldn't change the outcome.

Joseph, told him to use his full discretion, and review past tests/eval.s, during the conference call on christmas eve.
This equated to Joseph telling the guy to do what the last evaluator

Otherwise, you're right about you being "locked into statements" about your attitudes and opinions.

BTW..this is the ninth evaluation. What's the POINT of NINE, anyway ?
How useful were the first EIGHT ?
How much have they cost ?