Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Man wrongly docked $40G

The NY Post reports:
A Brooklyn father is hoping for a rebate of more than $40,000 he has overpaid in child support since 2003, according to court papers.

Francois Jadotte contends that the city kept garnisheeing his wages -- at the rate of $121 per week -- even after his daughter turned 21.
So he was still being forced to pay child support for a daughter who turned 21 in 2003? That makes her 28 years old this year.

I object to calling this "child support". None of this money went to support a child. She wasn't even a child. And she did not get any of the money. It was just a tax that went into the city bank account.

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JoAnn from IL said...

Nothing surprises me about the "system" which claims to be fair and take care of "the children." But, why did he only complain after 5 years and not much sooner? I know if he is like me, he could have used that $121 a week at the time instead of rolling the dice on getting a settlement on a lawsuit (less having to pay the attorney). The government is corrupt from the bottom up. What can we do?