Sunday, January 17, 2010

Child abuse villains still at large

Dorothy Rabinowitz writes in the WSJ:
The accusations against the Amiraults might well rank as the most astounding ever to be credited in an American courtroom, but for the fact that roughly the same charges were brought by eager prosecutors chasing a similar headline—making cases all across the country in the 1980s. Those which the Amiraults' prosecutors brought had nevertheless, unforgettable features: so much testimony, so madly preposterous, and so solemnly put forth by the state. The testimony had been extracted from children, cajoled and led by tireless interrogators.
She exposed these bogus prosecutions more than anyone, and wrote a 2003 book about them.

You would think that the careers of the malicious prosecutors in the day care sex abuse hysteria would have been ruined, but they were not. One of the prosecutors was Martha Coakley, and this Tuesday she is on the ballot in Mass. to replace Ted Kennedy in the US Senate. It is a tight race, and Pres. Barack Obama is campaigning for her.

If you are thinking that the Junk Justice judges, commissioners, and enablers will get their comeuppance some day, forget it. The more lives they ruin, the more praise they will get.

Update: Another blog calls Coakley a particularly loathsome creature.

Update: Coakley was heavily favored a month ago, but she has now lost. I realize that the main campaign issues were health care and other issues. Coakley is still the state attorney general.

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