Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Response to readers

A reader writes:
Women should be free to leave unhappy marriages without fear that they will be left destitute. ... I feel that in most cases alimony and child support should continue even if the ex wife remarries. Women don't just leave on a whim.
My ex-wife is not destitute. She makes a good salary as an attorney, and her husband makes a good salary also. She demanded and gets 55% of my income every month. She doesn't actually need any of it for the kids, as I am willing to take care of them half time.

Most divorces are indeed initiated by women. Whether they are unhappy, bored, or
just want more money, the law allows them to walk out of any marriage at any time
and for any reason.

Another reader writes, about the appellate opinion:
Maybe you are just wrong.
I guess that I was wrong to expect the appellate court to do a meaningful review of my case.

Whether you agree with what the court does or not, I hope that this blog is informative about how the court works.


optimist said...

It's amazing what some people think about divorce and alimony. A woman (note:not a man) should be able to leave a marriage at anytime and take half the assets with her...even in the event she marries someone else. Sound like a good deal to me. If your a woman.

Do this a couple of times and you could be set for life!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is becoming a career for many Women now. Google professional divorcee's and have a look. Robin Givens married one of her Husbands over the phone and divorced him 4 hours later. Clearly, that guy (a Prince) was kinda begging for it though.