Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Divorce courts need armed guards

Today's San Jose paper has this letter to the editor:
Don't scrimp on court security

Scott Herhold (Page 1B, March 29) suggests that the county can save money by using lower-paid staff than sheriff's deputies as courthouse security. While it may seem that five deputies aren't needed at once at the metal detector, when they're needed, they're really needed. If Herhold thinks courthouses are so safe, I invite him to do two things: First, research the number of killings that have occurred in divorce courtrooms in this country, and second, spend a couple of days observing domestic violence calendars at family court. Those of us who frequently pass through doors and metal detectors at family court in San Jose are very grateful to the security provided to us by the well-trained and, yes, well-paid deputies.

Robin Yeamans
Family Law Specialist Attorney Los Gatos
The reason for these armed guards is not so well known. It is not because of all the murdered, gangsters, and other felon who go on trial there. It is because of the family court!

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