Friday, October 06, 2006

Notice to file opening brief

I just got this from the appellate clerk:
Dear Counsel:

The record on appeal in this case was filed today. The opening brief is due in 30 days in civil cases (rule 14(a), California Rules of Court). The opening brief is due in 40 days in criminal and juvenile cases (rules 33(c)(1) and 37.3(b)(1), California Rules of Court). In referring to this appeal, please use the case number shown above.

We remind counsel that rule 14(a), California Rules of Court, requires that the statement of any factual or other matter in the record be supported by appropriate reference to the record. In accordance with rule 14(e), the court may strike the briefs from the files for noncompliance with rule 14. We refer counsel to rule 45.5 regarding standards for time extensions.

Counsel are further advised that should settlement be effected or some other event affect the posture of the appeal, it is the responsibility of counsel to advise this court immediately.
This brief will be short.

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