Thursday, October 19, 2006

Court order in Newsweek case

I previously criticized Newsweek below (here, here, and here) for printing a story about abusive fathers winning custody, and describing Genia Shockome as a mom who lost unfairly in court to an abusive ex-husband. Now the judge's 55-page order is available online (as a pdf of scanned images).

Genia Shockome is a head case from Russia. She might have won, but she demonstrated that she was completely uncooperative with everyone on everything. If she is not willing to do shared parenting, she should lose.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad no major national magazine will do a piece to include the information in that Court decision.

After reading it, one wonders what it would have been like to see the light go on in her head when she had the epiphany of how much damage she could cause(in spite of the facts) by simply saying "He beat me".

obrien said...

Yeah well, speaking of national magazines, Sarah Childress from Newsweek HAD that very same document on her desk when she was doing her research to write.

This I know for a fact. She saw the same 55 page decision that we did and yet chose to further torment Tim and the kids.

For what reason?

I know that Mo Hannah and Barry Goldstein and their gang are kind of kooky. But why do people like Childress or the guy from the NY Post do things like this?