Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Recurring themes

Child Support Follies:
News of the Weird has reported several times about hard-luck men who, believing they are biological fathers, agree to child support, only to learn via a DNA test that they are not, but whom judges will not let rescind those agreements. An even more ironic case emerged from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in December. A man had originally agreed to support his new wife's daughter, but then he and his wife divorced, and the court ruled he must continue to support the girl even though the wife has now married the man who is the girl's biological father. [Globe and Mail-CP, 12-8-05]
The story is also here. This is just more evidence that the child support system has gone way too far.


My Daily Struggles said...

Weird, wild.

George said...

Yes, weird. I try telling people stories like this, and their first reaction is usually that DNA tests made such inequities impossible.