Friday, December 16, 2005

Judge prohibits the N-word

Here is a Louisiana family court case where a man lost a custody appeal based on an assortment of minor allegations such as listening to hip-hop music and once having diapers of the wrong size. But the big issue, according to the judge, was that he violated court orders not to make racist comments by calling the kid's stepfather the N-word.

It is a stupid decision. We have a First Amendment in this country that is supposed to guarantee free speech. The judge cannot order a man to avoid making racist comments to his kid.

The father and stepfather is the case are both black. The mother is white and the kid is mixed-race. The judge is presumably some white liberal man who thinks that racial harmony can be achieved by raising a generation of kids who do not hear the N-word. It won't work because the father still has visitation privileges, and the kid will learn his opinions whether the court likes it or not. The judge is just using the kid to punish the father in order to reinforce the judge's own prejudices.

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Anonymous said...

If a judge feels that a certain comment is not in the best interests of a child, do not make the critical mistake by disobeying a court order... if you love and value a relationship with a child, then it is a parent's job to do what it takes to preserve the relationship and if this guy is so arrogant and self-centered as to not use such language than he has shown himself not to be committed to his child..and that speaks volumes. This man's refusal to take a hateful, ugly word out of his vocabulary to show himself and his son some respect cost him dearly..and I bet that this father was defiant in other ways also.